For many years, we have been helping football players just like you. We are professionals, and good at this.

Examples of cases where we have successfully recovered money for football players:

A football player from country A (more than ten matches with the senior national football team) played in a club from country B (recently, the club played in the UEFA Europa League group stage). He played as a main defender and scored many goals after set pieces. However, the club got into financial trouble and stopped paying him remuneration.

With our help, the player terminated the contract at the club’s fault and found a new club. Due to the fact that he was a free player, higher remuneration could be negotiated. The player is now with a new club, and we helped him win his case regarding outstanding remuneration owed to him.

A football player from country C (more than ten matches with junior national football teams) played in a club from country D (multiple national champion). He had signed a contract for a small amount and a separate image right agreement upon which he was supposed to receive the actual part of the remuneration. Even though he was the first team goalkeeper, the club eventually stopped paying remuneration to him.

When the player took legal action with our help, the club tried to refer the case to an ordinary court, claiming that an image right agreement was not a football contract. By doing so, the club wanted the case to be heard by judges who were not familiar with football reality, which would have resulted in extending court proceedings by several years!

We overcame the club’s defence and helped the player win his case regarding due payments before football courts.

A football player from country E (a few games and one goal with the first national team) played for a club from country F (multiple national champion, recently it played in the UEFA Champions League). The player was its main striker. However, the club had fallen behind on its payments.

The player asked us to help him recover his money. The club referred to a contract clause that stated that all disputes should be resolved by a local football court. Since it was the most powerful football club in country F, and its presidents were on the board of the national football association, there was a risk that the judgment would not be fair to the player.

We succeeded in referring the case to the international football court and helped the player recover all his money.